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As part of the Room to Read programme, we are in the process of setting up a brand new Library in the village of Buttar Bakhuha. This will be the very first Library of its kind in the village and will serve as a conducive environment for students to study, learn and grow. 


The books are apposite not only for their regular curriculum at school but also to their interests. We aim to inculcate a thirst for knowledge in students and a sense of self-motivation to continue their life endeavours and we believe a Room to Read is the first step.



Room to Read will be operational starting August 2018.


Girls' Education

The dearth of opportunities for girls to grow and fulfill their dream is imbibed deep down in the roots of our society. Be it social taboos, be it perspective of society, be it lack of awareness among people, be it conjugal customs, everything seems to hinder the advancement of girls. No society can be really self-sustained until and unless its women are free to act by their own will.


Laadli aims to provide a platform for advancement and upliftment of girls of Bakhuha. Through workshops of hygiene, education, career choices, life skills, and self-defense, we focus to uplift quality of life for girls and lead them to participate in the societal evolvement.

Laadli will be operational starting August 2018.


Group Learning

To achieve something meaningful and lasting, you have to do it together with others. Teamwork is at the core of success and this is most prominently highlighted by the brave troops who keep us safe day and night.


As part of the Battalion programme, we aim to inculcate the spirit of unity, help, discipline, and teamwork among the students of Bakhuha. We will create mixed groups of boys and girls who will work together on various educational tasks, arts & crafts, sports, plays, dance, quiz etc. Boys and girls will learn at an early age how to respect and work with the other genders.


Battalion will be operational starting August 2018

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