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Our Laadli

Our Stars Shine Bright at PSTSE!

We are thrilled to announce that Manmeet Kaur and Karanvir Kaur have set a remarkable benchmark in the Punjab State Talent Search Examination (PSTSE)! Demonstrating exceptional talent and hard work, both of our prodigies scored an impressive 120 out of 180 marks, with Manmeet Kaur shining as one of the highest scorers in the Mental Ability section, securing 79 out of 90 marks.

Their achievement is not just a personal milestone but a historic one for our village, as they are the first individuals to reach such heights in the PSTSE. This momentous accomplishment reflects not only their dedication but also the potential of our community when given the right opportunities and support.

Hearty Congratulations to Manmeet and Karanvir!


Join us in celebrating this fantastic achievement. Their success is an inspiration to us all and a testament to the power of education in transforming lives. We look forward to seeing how their journey unfolds and how they continue to inspire others in our community and beyond. Keep shining, Manmeet and Karanvir!


Celebrating Excellence: Our NMMS Scholars Lead the Way!

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Big cheers for our brilliant young minds at Maadhyam! Two of our stars have topped the district in the National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) exam, shining bright as the new NMMS Scholars!

The NMMS is a prestigious scholarship scheme initiated by the Government of India, aimed at identifying and supporting meritorious students. Its objective is to prevent school dropouts after class 8, ensuring that promising students continue their educational journey without financial hurdles.

This achievement is more than just a personal victory for our scholars; it symbolizes the incredible potential that lies within our communities when given the right support and opportunities even during the trying times of Covid. We are thrilled to see the heights our young champions can reach with just a little help.

Let’s celebrate these young champions who are setting new benchmarks and proving that with a little help, sky's the limit!

Harman's Journey: Breaking Barriers to Pursue Physics

Harman's story is one of resilience and determination. As a second-year undergraduate aspiring to be a physicist, her path was uniquely challenging. Initially, language was a barrier; English was an unfamiliar territory. However, her journey took a promising turn with the support of Maadhyam, where she found mentors who believed in her potential.

Manisha guided Harman through the intricacies of science and Math in English. This support was not just about language; it was about unlocking a world of knowledge and possibilities. Umang, a volunteer, continued this mission, further nurturing Harman’s growing passion for physics.

Thanks to this collective effort, Harman has not only mastered a new language but also embraced a field that once seemed out of reach. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of community support and education, inspiring more women in her area to defy the odds and pursue their dreams in science.

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Empowering Through Self-Defense: Maadhyam Launches Karate Classes!

We are excited to announce that Maadhyam has inaugurated self-defense classes for our girls, empowering them with the skills they need to stand strong. With karate classes held thrice a week, we are committed to fostering confidence, strength, and resilience in our students.

Join the Movement of Empowerment

Our karate program is designed not just to teach self-defense but to build character, discipline, and a sense of empowerment. It's a step towards nurturing fearless and confident young women who can protect themselves and inspire others.

Let's celebrate this new chapter in Maadhyam’s journey towards empowering our girls to be their own heroes!

Inauguration of our first centre in Buttar Bakhuha

In early August 2018, we are holding an inauguration ceremony to kick off our ambitious campaign in Buttar Bakhuha. Our first center will be up and running and all 3 of our key programmes, Room to Read, Laadli and Batallion  will be officially launched.


We will kick off the day with a small ribbon cutting ceremony by the Sarpanch of Buttar Bakhuha. Post which we will introduce the 3 programmes to the children and parents.

Our Library (Room to Read ) will be operational and the Librarian will show the kids around and introduce them to the books available in Hindi, Punjabi and English. To launch Laadli (a programme which aims to provide a platform for advancement and upliftment of girls of the village), we will be organising a small workshop on self defence for girls using martial arts. As part of the Battalion programme, we will organising a couple of fun activities where girls and boys will participate together along with their parents.


Painting and Furnishing

After we got the land and the building from the village panchayat, the next step for us was to clean, paint and furnish the building in order to convert it into a Library. We are happy to share that the cleaning working is complete and the painting and furnishing work is proceeding at a very good pace. We are on track to inaugurate the facility in August, 2018.


Room to Read

A Library needs books and we have been working with various generous publishers who have donated books in Hindi, Punjabi and English. The books will cover a wide range of topics including text books, story books, general knowledge, and geographical maps along with many others.


We are actively conducting interviews to hire a librarian who will be in charge of the day to day activities of the Library and work with kids and encourage them to read books. She will also be conducting regular reading sessions to encourage group reading.


We got the land for our first centre

We talked to the panchayat of Buttar Bakhuha and explained what we intend to do as Maadhyam India. There were many queries on how we plan to achieve the things that we mentioned and we answered all of them patiently. At the end, Panchayat as well as villagers got very excited about this initiative and children are looking forward to it. It is a part of Dharamshala of the village. We have started work to get it painted and make it suitable for children.


Maadhyam India

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