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We, Maadhyam, are facilitators to provide upliftment to rural sector of India. We act as a medium to impart education to people of the rural sector on various aspects, augment their knowledge, develop their skill, help them in the adoption of progressive agricultural practices and provide them with a self-motivational environment. Currently, we are giving our helping hands to the village, Buttar Bakhuha, in Punjab.



We strive to achieve self-sustainability in the Indian villages. We start our journey with the village, Buttar Bakhuha, where we take our first step towards our goal by bolstering education sector of Bakhuha. We aim to uplift women and children by providing them with an access to education and skill-development programs. Later in the year, our vision is to take steps to generate employment and work opportunities in the village.


We are looking for volunteers who can help us prepare material on science, math and languages for the age group 10-18. Anyone can help us by donating their time. Please contact us at to help us in any way you can.

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