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Inauguration of our first centre in Buttar Bakhuha

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Kids are eagerly waiting for the inauguration of the Library

In early August 2018, we are holding an inauguration ceremony to kick off our ambitious campaign in Buttar Bakhuha. Our first center will be up and running and all 3 of our key programmes, Room to Read, Laadli and Batallion  will be officially launched.

We will kick off the day with a small ribbon cutting ceremony by the Sarpanch of Buttar Bakhuha. Post which we will introduce the 3 programmes to the children and parents.

Our Library (Room to Read ) will be operational and the Librarian will show the kids around and introduce them to the books available in Hindi, Punjabi and English.

To launch Laadli (a programme which aims to provide a platform for advancement and upliftment of girls of the village), we will be organising a small workshop on self defence for girls using martial arts.

As part of the Battalion programme, we will organising a couple of fun activities where girls and boys will participate together along with their parents.

Maadhyam India


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