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Work in progress...

Painting and Furnishing

Painted Village Dharamshala with renovated flooring

Painting work in full flow

After we got the land and the building from the village panchayat, the next step for us was to clean, paint and furnish the building in order to convert it into a Library. We are happy to share that the cleaning working is complete and the painting and furnishing work is proceeding at a very good pace. We are on track to inaugurate the facility in August, 2018


Books are in

A Library needs books and we have been working with various generous publishers who have donated books in Hindi, Punjabi and English. The books will cover a wide range of topics including text books, story books, general knowledge, and geographical maps along with many others.


We are actively conducting interviews to hire a librarian who will be in charge of the day to day activities of the Library and work with kids and encourage them to read books. She will also be conducting regular reading sessions to encourage group reading.

Maadhyam India


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